Tuesday, June 22, 2004

A old dusty story

It happened in my twentieth year, I was strolling on the board walk in California, breathing in the fresh air of the ocean.
I sensed a very powerful being all of a sudden, I felt someone or somethinghad a hold of me, something with ungodly power. A sharp pain exploded from my neck, my limbs started to weaken as my knees buckled from a lack of power.

My eyes were closing I could not keep them open, I was so weak, drained of my life force. To the point of death, when a soft female voice asked me, " Live forever or die now, do you want to live forever" I didn't have much of a choice, you are reading my words now so my choice is quite obvious. I am alive in a manner of speaking. I have been around since the year 1980 the year of my mortal birth, I was reborn in the winter of 1999 just before the millennium. After my rebirth I have never heard the voice that made me into the monster that I am now. I have not spoken or been close to any other vampires. I don't need blood as bad as other fledglings as my creator was a powerful vampire to begin with, but I do hunt every night, I do it for the hell of it, to look more human and my powers are extended to a higher level for the time being. To feel a pathetic mortal squeezed against me, struggling to get free, hearing the heartbeat growing more rapid, as fear sets in more and more. As the mood strikes me I kill more for fun than anything else, like mortals with animals, it is sport for me, I love the fear they exude.

I had kept in contact with my family, I told them I was in trouble and had to hide, that I would not want them to worry, as I would be okay. I think my brother William knew what had befallen me, or suspected something, as my writing had changed completely, it went from horrible to perfect, it was like someone else penned it for me, he never questioned me. Not even the wealth that I had come into which I had taken and acquired from my victims. I had a flat within the city of Anaheim, where I would throw open house parties that started in the late evening lasting till the last hour before dawn.

Friday, June 04, 2004

Boredom continues for another chapter

In the small suburb that was once quiet and peaceful, is now alive with police and the media. The police are going door to door trying to get all of the information that they can. After forensics came up with nothing in the house or on any of the murder weapons. The prints were different then that on the Baseball bat that the suspected killer had used. They were tired and frustrated they had nothing to go on, the prints were unknown, the only other suspect has not been seen or heard from by anyone.

An old man in his late sixties wearing an old dingy house coat and leather slippers, his hair is tussled and he is unshaven, was standing out side the barricade that now surrounded the Sunny Days halfway house. Desperately trying to get the attention of an officer, finally he did get the attention of one. The old man told him that he has seen some of the murders take place, this must be the anonymous tipster that called it in. They brought him in to the investigator, Kaylan Stewart was his name. A middle aged Englishman, who smoked a lot, always was there a cigarette in his hand, if only for the sake of holding it. The old man was sitting rather nervous when the Detective walked in and took the seat across the table from him,He introduced himself, I am detective Stewart, The old man replied, my name is Arthur Collins, "Would you like something to drink Mr Collins". Kaylan asked "please call me Arthur" came the old man's response. He was then asked what he saw, the old man then told him he did not see a face he just seen how a few of the murders take place, he had a rough description of the killer, but the face was not seen.

This is what he had to say... "It was late Tuesday evening when he heard the first scream, he looked out of his window as it seemed odd to hear a scream in this neighborhood, and he seen a dark figure in the dimly lighted room with what seemed to be a leg of something he wasn't sure from what, but as he told the story he knew that it was obvious that the detective knew what he meant by leg of something. He then went on to another of the brutal murders, Telling about Veronica, saying that everyone liked her, she was a sweet person and not hard to look at, Arthur was unnerved to tell about this, as he too liked this Veronica girl, She was getting ready for bed when she seemed to get a bit of a fright. I guess it was a knock on her door, she opened the door to get knocked to the ground, very frightened she backed away quite fast, as the figure tried to reach for her she scrambled off to the side and made a dash for the door, only to get caught by an ankle. She kicked out and hit the attacker with a kick to the face, to escape his grasp, she then disappeared from the room. The attacker rose to his feet holding on to the window sill to get his bearing, he looked out the window and I saw in the dim light a toothy grin, kind of sadistic. I looked down and I saw Veronica trying to slip out a window to the lattice on the side of the house, and... as his words were becoming forced, above the window she was trying to get out of was the murder weapon, he watched as she wriggled halfway out the window. That is when he made his move, he quickly ran to the other window unplugged the air conditioner and he shoved it out the window on to her while she was hanging out the window, afterwards I could still see her there in the window. When he disappeared I seen her pulled inside the house. Then about ten minutes later I saw you guys arrive on the seen, I didn't even see anybody leave the house nothing.

Wednesday, June 02, 2004

Continued story of boredom

Alone he sits in a burnt out old shack, ravaged by fire a few years ago. The lone survivor of the Sunny Days halfway house, his name is Mark. In the wee hours of the morning he slipped into a Mac"s near the old shack to get the paper and a coffee, not having enough to buy some food. The headline read "one missing from Halfway house homicide". There was a full scale search on for him, he was a suspect in the case. He read of his only friends demise and altercation with the police. He silently wept for the ten people that shared this house, a community within a house in all actuality. They were like a family to Mark, seeing that he had no family of his own. Mark was an orphan never knowing a mother or father. Growing up alone in the world. Now knowing that his only real friend is now dead. The people he lived with all gone. The everyday life he knew is no more, He cried harder, he could not force back his tears no matter what he did, he couldn't collect his composure. Anger was his true enemy it brought out the worst in him. Anger was starting to get to him, not being able to stop the tears.

His thoughts started to swirl, he sniffled and then heard a voice " Fool, what are you crying for" Mark responded All the people I know are dead", The voice replied "So what they are only people", Mark looked around trying to figure out where the voice was coming from but there was no one there. "Where are you?" Mark demanded, " It's not of any concern to you cry baby", Mark now turning red with anger due to the insult. "Who in the hell are you?" "Show yourself" Mark screamed. All he heard was laughter, Then another voice "Don't listen to him, he is bitter" this voice calm and soothing. "the harsh voice said again " C'mon cry for me a little more" with laughter ensuing, "No do not listen to him, he just wants to upset you more" the calm voice told Mark, Another voice chimes in, this voice shrill and grating, "what would you know you are both annoying him" Leave him alone to cry". Mark sat there scared and alone hearing these voices but not seeing the people.

"I couldn't help them, I couldn't save them" mark kept telling himself, the harsh voice said "You are useless, you couldn't save them if you tried", The shrill voice replied " He is right, you know he is", as both voices chimed together "Fool, liar, murderer" Mark sat weeping, so scared looking about nervously, again came the voices "Murderer, useless, some friend". Mark screamed the voices wearing away at him, making him uneasy.
Then a completely different voice was heard, "It was me, I killed them, I watched them suffer long enough, day by day, night after night I heard them cry themselves to sleep, no one loved these people, they were stains on society, so I removed them", "I enjoyed watching your friends die, but only one got away, I really wanted to kill that one, I looked forward to it." "truthfully, he was the only one I wanted, but the screams of them all when I tried annoyed me, so I killed them as well" The stupid Cops got the other one your friend the only friend you ever knew"

Mark cried as he looked at the shell of his former self in the mirror.

A story made within boredom

A man shuffles down the street dressed in blue jeans and a red sweater, he is talking to himself. Eyes shifting constantly, he keeps muttering to himself. What is he saying, why is he so upset, he sounds angry. Walking on still rambling away. He kicks at the ground now stopped and looking down shaking his head, is it worry that is creating such a distaste in him. Might he be late for work again. Seemingly lost looking around. Maybe he is lost, looking around he spots a police car. You can see the panic and fear in his face.

Within the blink of an eye he starts running scared to death, the cop flicked on the lights and siren. The pursuit is on, he is running through the yards, cutting though peoples back yards. The chase still ensues, one officer has set out on another street on foot, hoping to make his first bust since being hired. So badly does he want to apprehend the suspect. Running still barely keeping on his feet the suspect trips in one yard. He looks to see what it was he tripped on, an evil sneer spreads across his sweaty face as he picks up the metal baseball bat.

He Starts to laugh maniacally, it is quite obvious now that he is insane, paranoia has set in, he has only one thought on his mind. Hearing the approaching officer now he is cornered he can hear the squad cars brakes screeching to a halt. Trying desperately to subdue his laughter he hides under the deck, the rookie comes into the backyard. Looking about seeming confused while his back was turned the suspect slides out from the deck and with a few fast steps, smashes the rookie in the back of the head, the last thing he heard was a loud snap, he looked down at the rookie now drooling enjoying this thoroughly. Twice more the bat swung down hard.

Now satisfied with this scene he runs on coming around a corner not looking for traffic slides over the front end of a car. Slamming hard into the cement with a grunt he manages to get to his feet, The driver is now out of his car to see if he is alright to no avail for his readiness to help this so called victim, when it was he who became the victim receiving a bat to the face for his efforts.
Trying to get back into his car he was just barely half way through the door when it slammed repeatedly on him. Laughing the Suspect runs away only to meet another cop at the corner, the tears are welling in the officer's eyes he found his rookie partner dead at the scene, He yells at the man to drop his weapon and to get on the ground. The man smiles and laughs, he then threw the bat at the cop. Who in turn opened fire. BANG BANG BANG.

Lying there taking in his last breaths, he once again smiles and in his dying breaths he laughed un til he choked. Then it was over everything went black.

The next day the paper read " Mysterious serial killer slain". He apparently had killed all of his room mates in the halfway house he lived in. but one of the others was also missing, what has happened to him? Missing without a trace.

Tuesday, June 01, 2004

Oblivious Everyday

Here I am sitting comfortably in my nook away from the eyes of the public. Watching the people driving their cars, chatting away to the passengers, or they are singing to the stereo. A curious site this always is, wondering what they talk about.
what are they singing? It is so hard to tell, you hear the base thumping, the windows shake to it, hearing vibrations resonating within the car, some just sit and seem dazed lost in thought.

What is it about people that make them so interesting, is it just the human nature to be curious, it almost makes me feel like a child again, the simplest thing I am finding amusing, people know they are being watched and they get nervous.
Looking around squinting their eyes trying to peer through the dark.
But they still cannot see me, from the place I hide, my little nook in the streets.

Almost a safe haven for when I seek solitude, seeing the people, bopping to the music, hearing the hoots and hollers of the kids all around me.
I take comfort that there are still some things that make me smile, not as often as they should but there will be the day my day to emerge from the shadows and rejoin the society I have learned to forget. It can be a harsh world, but in watching it I am also learning from it. I maybe down but I am still here.

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