Thursday, July 01, 2004

Chapter 2-Old Dusty Story

During my last house bash, I sensed another Vampire within the mix and confusion of the evening's events, but not just any vampire, I knew this when I heard her voice, This was the one who made me who I am, what I am now. Her name was Tracy, She was very beautiful, absolutely exquisite, porcelain features, a soft rasp to her voice, "you have done well for yourself Bard". "I remember your voice, what do you want, you left me, created me then left". "I did it for you" replied Tracy, "to learn this life alone, and be happy that you are here now"?. "Fair enough" she said.
It is almost dawn you can stay here in my coffin tonight only. She slept close to me this night, playing with my hair, twirling it in her fingers, my lips rested on her forehead.

I arose just after dusk, Tracy was gone already, I had just finished getting washed up, when I heard her voice "where are you Bard?", I walked around the corner and she was dressed in an extravagant gown and held a suit for me. "Get dressed" she said "I want to show you something". Before we left we embraced and tasted each other, the blood flowed between us like an electric current, all the ecstasy of sex the heat the passion, exploded through our veins, although a short time. It felt like an eternity that we stood there together lock in a life of complete ecstasy. What I have just explained is like sex to us vampires, we are unable to procreate. The suit she obtained for me was a royal blue Brooks Brothers double breasted suit, a very classy looking one at that, she has good taste. She took me to a Shakespearian theatre, to see Hamlet, one I have enjoyed many times over, although I didn't tell her that I had, she thought I would enjoy it. Tracy was right, as I do love that play in particular.

Oh my, how rude of me, I suppose you would like to know what I look like, I apologize I lose myself when I get writing. My hair is shoulder length with massive curls that lightly caress my face, eyes that range from light brown to dark brown and a hint of violet. A strong jaw, with a smile which is a little more than mischievous all this rests on an average frame of 5'7. That gives you something to work with, and leaves the rest to the imagination, after all I do not wish to be sought or found for that matter.
I have spent the last 200 years of my life traveling the world, Notre Dame roaming the bell towers that the legendary hunchback once called his home, from there I went to white chapel England stalking the streets that Jack the Ripper had killed his victims on. Egypt walking in the tombs of the ancient Kings and Queens. The world was all within my hands to take all the time I wanted to see it, after all, I do not have a time constraint, not like I am going anywhere. For a time I lived in Drumnadrochit, Scotland in hopes to see if the myth of the Loch Ness monster were true, unfortunately I did not get the answers I was seeking.

Being a vampire is beyond anything I have ever imagined, never having to grow old, living forever, getting stronger as the years pass, being able to do anything and having the time to learn whatever you want to learn. Well on to better things I guess this was my fate, ever since I was a young mortal, in a way people feared me, for being different, that is a harsh way to look at things, but in a way it is true, mortals fear what the do not understand. So I will now indulge you in my mortal years.

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