Saturday, August 04, 2007

Journal- Aug 3 Greyhound to Toronto

I sit on a rickety bus, next to a group of noisy people, like holy fuck use your inside voice bitch, i don't care who's fucking who. I am sure no one else on the Bus cares either. To make matters worse i am listening to a MP3 player and can still hear you over my music, if not better. You just need to shut the fuck up already, I can see it's gonna be a long fucking trip already.

Well anyways anyone who knows me personally is aware that i recently spent some time back home. A small town by the name of Renfrew, Ontario. I forgot how much i really miss it, to be honest i love the place. I wish i could have stayed. but seemingly it just is not in the cards yet, Although there was something added to the equation, almost like a sixth sense. Have you ever had a gut feeling that you need to do something or have to be somewhere. That was the reason I came back, it was a feeling that I was unable to suppress as much as I wanted to lose the feeling, I couldn't shake it. Which does lead me to believe that some parts of life are destined to be. Maybe this is important to my future, a turning point in a rather meek existence perhaps.?


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