Wednesday, June 02, 2004

Continued story of boredom

Alone he sits in a burnt out old shack, ravaged by fire a few years ago. The lone survivor of the Sunny Days halfway house, his name is Mark. In the wee hours of the morning he slipped into a Mac"s near the old shack to get the paper and a coffee, not having enough to buy some food. The headline read "one missing from Halfway house homicide". There was a full scale search on for him, he was a suspect in the case. He read of his only friends demise and altercation with the police. He silently wept for the ten people that shared this house, a community within a house in all actuality. They were like a family to Mark, seeing that he had no family of his own. Mark was an orphan never knowing a mother or father. Growing up alone in the world. Now knowing that his only real friend is now dead. The people he lived with all gone. The everyday life he knew is no more, He cried harder, he could not force back his tears no matter what he did, he couldn't collect his composure. Anger was his true enemy it brought out the worst in him. Anger was starting to get to him, not being able to stop the tears.

His thoughts started to swirl, he sniffled and then heard a voice " Fool, what are you crying for" Mark responded All the people I know are dead", The voice replied "So what they are only people", Mark looked around trying to figure out where the voice was coming from but there was no one there. "Where are you?" Mark demanded, " It's not of any concern to you cry baby", Mark now turning red with anger due to the insult. "Who in the hell are you?" "Show yourself" Mark screamed. All he heard was laughter, Then another voice "Don't listen to him, he is bitter" this voice calm and soothing. "the harsh voice said again " C'mon cry for me a little more" with laughter ensuing, "No do not listen to him, he just wants to upset you more" the calm voice told Mark, Another voice chimes in, this voice shrill and grating, "what would you know you are both annoying him" Leave him alone to cry". Mark sat there scared and alone hearing these voices but not seeing the people.

"I couldn't help them, I couldn't save them" mark kept telling himself, the harsh voice said "You are useless, you couldn't save them if you tried", The shrill voice replied " He is right, you know he is", as both voices chimed together "Fool, liar, murderer" Mark sat weeping, so scared looking about nervously, again came the voices "Murderer, useless, some friend". Mark screamed the voices wearing away at him, making him uneasy.
Then a completely different voice was heard, "It was me, I killed them, I watched them suffer long enough, day by day, night after night I heard them cry themselves to sleep, no one loved these people, they were stains on society, so I removed them", "I enjoyed watching your friends die, but only one got away, I really wanted to kill that one, I looked forward to it." "truthfully, he was the only one I wanted, but the screams of them all when I tried annoyed me, so I killed them as well" The stupid Cops got the other one your friend the only friend you ever knew"

Mark cried as he looked at the shell of his former self in the mirror.


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