Wednesday, June 02, 2004

A story made within boredom

A man shuffles down the street dressed in blue jeans and a red sweater, he is talking to himself. Eyes shifting constantly, he keeps muttering to himself. What is he saying, why is he so upset, he sounds angry. Walking on still rambling away. He kicks at the ground now stopped and looking down shaking his head, is it worry that is creating such a distaste in him. Might he be late for work again. Seemingly lost looking around. Maybe he is lost, looking around he spots a police car. You can see the panic and fear in his face.

Within the blink of an eye he starts running scared to death, the cop flicked on the lights and siren. The pursuit is on, he is running through the yards, cutting though peoples back yards. The chase still ensues, one officer has set out on another street on foot, hoping to make his first bust since being hired. So badly does he want to apprehend the suspect. Running still barely keeping on his feet the suspect trips in one yard. He looks to see what it was he tripped on, an evil sneer spreads across his sweaty face as he picks up the metal baseball bat.

He Starts to laugh maniacally, it is quite obvious now that he is insane, paranoia has set in, he has only one thought on his mind. Hearing the approaching officer now he is cornered he can hear the squad cars brakes screeching to a halt. Trying desperately to subdue his laughter he hides under the deck, the rookie comes into the backyard. Looking about seeming confused while his back was turned the suspect slides out from the deck and with a few fast steps, smashes the rookie in the back of the head, the last thing he heard was a loud snap, he looked down at the rookie now drooling enjoying this thoroughly. Twice more the bat swung down hard.

Now satisfied with this scene he runs on coming around a corner not looking for traffic slides over the front end of a car. Slamming hard into the cement with a grunt he manages to get to his feet, The driver is now out of his car to see if he is alright to no avail for his readiness to help this so called victim, when it was he who became the victim receiving a bat to the face for his efforts.
Trying to get back into his car he was just barely half way through the door when it slammed repeatedly on him. Laughing the Suspect runs away only to meet another cop at the corner, the tears are welling in the officer's eyes he found his rookie partner dead at the scene, He yells at the man to drop his weapon and to get on the ground. The man smiles and laughs, he then threw the bat at the cop. Who in turn opened fire. BANG BANG BANG.

Lying there taking in his last breaths, he once again smiles and in his dying breaths he laughed un til he choked. Then it was over everything went black.

The next day the paper read " Mysterious serial killer slain". He apparently had killed all of his room mates in the halfway house he lived in. but one of the others was also missing, what has happened to him? Missing without a trace.


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