Tuesday, June 01, 2004

Oblivious Everyday

Here I am sitting comfortably in my nook away from the eyes of the public. Watching the people driving their cars, chatting away to the passengers, or they are singing to the stereo. A curious site this always is, wondering what they talk about.
what are they singing? It is so hard to tell, you hear the base thumping, the windows shake to it, hearing vibrations resonating within the car, some just sit and seem dazed lost in thought.

What is it about people that make them so interesting, is it just the human nature to be curious, it almost makes me feel like a child again, the simplest thing I am finding amusing, people know they are being watched and they get nervous.
Looking around squinting their eyes trying to peer through the dark.
But they still cannot see me, from the place I hide, my little nook in the streets.

Almost a safe haven for when I seek solitude, seeing the people, bopping to the music, hearing the hoots and hollers of the kids all around me.
I take comfort that there are still some things that make me smile, not as often as they should but there will be the day my day to emerge from the shadows and rejoin the society I have learned to forget. It can be a harsh world, but in watching it I am also learning from it. I maybe down but I am still here.


Blogger Queenie said...

smiling makes themless nervous when you are caught observing

10:49 PM  

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