Friday, December 31, 2004

In Dreams

He looked into her eyes, they sparkle to life as she notices. Smiling back he slowly makes his way through the room, saying his greetings and hellos to the other patrons in the crowded little pub. He smiles as he walks into her embrace, his arms lightly around her waist as he pulls her close burying his face in her neck. Pulling away every so slightly so he can look into her dark eyes.

Lightly he kisses her lips just to say hello, she blushes ever so slightly and running her fingers through his curly long hair smiling all the while.
The love shows clearly in her expression.
She brings him to her table to introduce him to her friends, they have heard all about him

They take to him quite easily, seeing the passion between the two young lovers.
Just the way they look at each other, his arm lightly around her with his hand on her shoulder sitting at the table, giving her shoulder a slight squeeze every little while to see her smile and the spark within her eyes as she looks at him, her hand is on his knee her thumb lightly caressing his thigh. So close they sat enjoying the warmth between their bodies.

He looks into her eyes as he leans closer to her his cheek caressing hers pulling away their lips touch he kisses her deeply his right hand slide along her neck just under her ear thumbs caress the sides of her face as he holds the kiss wanting it to last for eternity.

Their hearts beat faster
looking into the others eyes
smiles reflect inner passion

Desire clutches them
boiling the blood
sweaty palms, so nervous

Each time their eyes meet
sparks light the air
bashful behavior ensues

Lips touch, desire rises
hand in hand an electric current
embracing their passion

Fingers interlock
in the heat of lust
leading to the carnal

Bodies intertwined
sweet pheromones fill the air
contented embrace


Blogger Queenie said...

A new day dawns.
This is lovely.


12:39 AM  
Blogger Queenie said...

You never write here anymore, dude.


11:32 PM  

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