Friday, June 04, 2004

Boredom continues for another chapter

In the small suburb that was once quiet and peaceful, is now alive with police and the media. The police are going door to door trying to get all of the information that they can. After forensics came up with nothing in the house or on any of the murder weapons. The prints were different then that on the Baseball bat that the suspected killer had used. They were tired and frustrated they had nothing to go on, the prints were unknown, the only other suspect has not been seen or heard from by anyone.

An old man in his late sixties wearing an old dingy house coat and leather slippers, his hair is tussled and he is unshaven, was standing out side the barricade that now surrounded the Sunny Days halfway house. Desperately trying to get the attention of an officer, finally he did get the attention of one. The old man told him that he has seen some of the murders take place, this must be the anonymous tipster that called it in. They brought him in to the investigator, Kaylan Stewart was his name. A middle aged Englishman, who smoked a lot, always was there a cigarette in his hand, if only for the sake of holding it. The old man was sitting rather nervous when the Detective walked in and took the seat across the table from him,He introduced himself, I am detective Stewart, The old man replied, my name is Arthur Collins, "Would you like something to drink Mr Collins". Kaylan asked "please call me Arthur" came the old man's response. He was then asked what he saw, the old man then told him he did not see a face he just seen how a few of the murders take place, he had a rough description of the killer, but the face was not seen.

This is what he had to say... "It was late Tuesday evening when he heard the first scream, he looked out of his window as it seemed odd to hear a scream in this neighborhood, and he seen a dark figure in the dimly lighted room with what seemed to be a leg of something he wasn't sure from what, but as he told the story he knew that it was obvious that the detective knew what he meant by leg of something. He then went on to another of the brutal murders, Telling about Veronica, saying that everyone liked her, she was a sweet person and not hard to look at, Arthur was unnerved to tell about this, as he too liked this Veronica girl, She was getting ready for bed when she seemed to get a bit of a fright. I guess it was a knock on her door, she opened the door to get knocked to the ground, very frightened she backed away quite fast, as the figure tried to reach for her she scrambled off to the side and made a dash for the door, only to get caught by an ankle. She kicked out and hit the attacker with a kick to the face, to escape his grasp, she then disappeared from the room. The attacker rose to his feet holding on to the window sill to get his bearing, he looked out the window and I saw in the dim light a toothy grin, kind of sadistic. I looked down and I saw Veronica trying to slip out a window to the lattice on the side of the house, and... as his words were becoming forced, above the window she was trying to get out of was the murder weapon, he watched as she wriggled halfway out the window. That is when he made his move, he quickly ran to the other window unplugged the air conditioner and he shoved it out the window on to her while she was hanging out the window, afterwards I could still see her there in the window. When he disappeared I seen her pulled inside the house. Then about ten minutes later I saw you guys arrive on the seen, I didn't even see anybody leave the house nothing.


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Hi, Scott. Waiting for another chapter...get bored soon.

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