Tuesday, June 22, 2004

A old dusty story

It happened in my twentieth year, I was strolling on the board walk in California, breathing in the fresh air of the ocean.
I sensed a very powerful being all of a sudden, I felt someone or somethinghad a hold of me, something with ungodly power. A sharp pain exploded from my neck, my limbs started to weaken as my knees buckled from a lack of power.

My eyes were closing I could not keep them open, I was so weak, drained of my life force. To the point of death, when a soft female voice asked me, " Live forever or die now, do you want to live forever" I didn't have much of a choice, you are reading my words now so my choice is quite obvious. I am alive in a manner of speaking. I have been around since the year 1980 the year of my mortal birth, I was reborn in the winter of 1999 just before the millennium. After my rebirth I have never heard the voice that made me into the monster that I am now. I have not spoken or been close to any other vampires. I don't need blood as bad as other fledglings as my creator was a powerful vampire to begin with, but I do hunt every night, I do it for the hell of it, to look more human and my powers are extended to a higher level for the time being. To feel a pathetic mortal squeezed against me, struggling to get free, hearing the heartbeat growing more rapid, as fear sets in more and more. As the mood strikes me I kill more for fun than anything else, like mortals with animals, it is sport for me, I love the fear they exude.

I had kept in contact with my family, I told them I was in trouble and had to hide, that I would not want them to worry, as I would be okay. I think my brother William knew what had befallen me, or suspected something, as my writing had changed completely, it went from horrible to perfect, it was like someone else penned it for me, he never questioned me. Not even the wealth that I had come into which I had taken and acquired from my victims. I had a flat within the city of Anaheim, where I would throw open house parties that started in the late evening lasting till the last hour before dawn.


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