Sunday, September 19, 2004

Another Visit to Boredom

Mark walks alone as always down a quiet street, thinking of the past weeks trying to stay hidden, away from the police. They were searching for him in relation to the sunny days halfway house homicide. A few cars come rolling down the street full of kids they yell at him while he is driving down the road, " Fucking Faggit" he turns and yells back "fuck You" while giving the finger. Mark then hears a voice as the car rounds the corner "Oh that showed them, I bet they are worried, hahahaha" it was the voice the grating angry voice. Mark looked all around wondering where it came from, nothing anywhere he just shook his head and disregarded it, as he came around the corner, he saw the car that held the kids that yelled at him.

The voice prodded him "there they are get your payback, let them all know what they started". Mark had an evil grin run across his face, sadistic to be honest. One of them said "hey look the fag", he sat in the front passenger side, he was wearing a jersey of some kind blonde spiked hair, While walking by almost at the window, Mark made a sudden dash and grabbed the back of the kids head and slammed his face against the dash board repeatedly. Then laughed out loud and told him that he should wear his seat belt. Mark was not satisfied by this, the other kids coming out of the house running at Mark as he hauled the kid out of the car, he turned in time to get a fist in the nose. Blood ran freely down his face and only made him madder, he wiped his face while getting up from the ground, looking at the blood on his hand he was laughing maniacally.

Seeming to enjoy what happened, he reached out suddenly and caught the long haired punk who hit him and quickly snapped his neck and let him fall to the ground, running forward and slamming the other with his forearm, knocking him against the car. A few more elbows dropped him to the ground, and then he started to bash his face with his knee, he would not stop even upon hearing the sound of breaking bone and the sickening sound of his knee slamming into the now dead kid's face, until he heard the other pleading for his life and trying to crawl away, blood covering his swollen face he was beside the car, begging mark to stop, Mark smiled at him, " see how dangerous a FUCKING FAGGIT IS" just before he kicked his head into the open car door and slamming it shut with all his strength hearing the sickening snap and pop of the neck and spinal cord. All he could hear was sirens someone seen it all and called the cops, he looked at the ground around him and seen all the blood and the three bodies. He turned and ran taking all the twists and turns he could find. Finally, he could no longer hear the sirens behind him anymore and he had made his way just a few blocks away from the sanctuary that was his fire ravaged shack.


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