Friday, October 08, 2004

Again I sit in the nook I call my own, watching the people passing by the cars with their booming music, the thing that bothers me is the rudeness, I see it get worse day by day. People seem to thrive on hate more than anything , everywhere I go I see hate. The world is changing for better or worse I am not sure, but I would not call it evolution.

People have lost their passion there is but few left that want to make a difference and that becomes a passion in itself, I might sound naive in writing this but get what you get from it I am only writing what I see in the world nowadays. People don't care about one another anymore, but I guess this is just history repeated, the destination is ever the same as long as hate exists, we keep on a circular path, the road stays connected at both ends.

My question is why hate, by no means am I all about love and happiness, sometimes you meet people you just don't care for but why make a big deal out of it, ignore them, they have the same right to be in a place in time, so why fight and be an ass about it, just because they are there doesn't mean you have to an asshole about it, you don't have to talk to the person just stick with the people you came with or met up with. Why go to great lengths to prove you are cool as it is called, what is cool anymore what celebs do or wear, give me a break sure fashion I respect that but every person is different and that is what makes that person tick, they are unique that is the best party of being, to have your choices if you don't like it don't look.

That is the truth as I see it, why please the world when you can make yourself happy much easier. Why go to the great lengths, what is it about being popular that is such a great thing if you never had it how can you miss it and why is it desired so much by so many?.........


Blogger Queenie said...

Everyone is free to choose. Every choice we make we are saying it is ok for someone else to make that same choice.


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